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HotSpot was established in 2008.In Apr. 2010 HotSpot set up the big Central Kitchen-Shanghai Nanhui Industrial Zone Catering Service Center in Shanghai Nanhui Industrial Zone where it is located in the centre of Great Pudong surrounding by Disney Land and International Tourism Resort Area in the north and China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone in the north, east and south-east. In addition, we established the other central kitchen in Jinqiao. The two central kitchens are about 3000 S/M.HotSpot provides the complete one stop solution of catering services such like food distribution, on-site canteens hosting and operation of restaurant to Industry Park, Manufacturing Services Park, High Tech Park, Economics Development Park, Commercial Office Park and Buildings and etc.And we offer 40000 sets of meals per day.The Company is aiming to be integrated with the specialty cuisine, intelligent management and social responsibility.

  • Safety of Food
  • Quality of Food
  • Taste of Catering Services
  • Team of Catering Services

We ensure the safety of food.

We are certified by ISO22000 by Moody International Certification Ltd., the famous international certification company. ISO22000 is now the highest standard of food safety management certification in the world.

The monitoring system is set up to supervise the whole operation process, which is the first system in shanghai Pudong connected with the food and drug supervision network of the local government.

Our standards of food safety are applied into our operation as follows:

  • Country laws, regulations and standards of food safety
  • HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, Hazard Prevention System of Food Safety )
  • ISO22000 ( Standardized Management System of Food Safety )

We have strict safety control measures and records in every detailed processed from the very beginning of the raw materials sourcing to the end of the delivery of the food to the ultimate customers.

We ensure the quality of food.

The quality of the food we provide, other than the safety of the food, also includes the aroma, taste, color, shape, temperature and so on.

The quality of the food we provide is essentially based on the quality of the raw materials.

  • We choose the qualified raw materials suppliers as per country standards. The suppliers are normally from the country of origin of goods or the first wholesale of the origin.
  • We choose the branded packaging food and condiments.
  • All the vegetables and meat and used based on the qualified testing reports.
  • We apply for the principle of day-buy-day-use for most appropriate raw materials to ensure the fresh taste of the food.
  • We conduct the daily sampling check on raw materials at our self-built Laboratory.

The quality of the food we provide is also due to the advanced operation process and technology, e.g. processing method of raw materials and storage measure of finished foods, and well control the balance of the food nutrition and other key points through the whole food production chain.

We have the complete food research center, storage and standardized management system.

We ensure the taste of catering services.

The services include the one stop solutions on canteen planning and consulting, the on-site canteens hosting, food distribution service for both corporate daily needs and big events, operation of restaurant and etc.. The products include the Chinese food, western food, snacks and other diversified varieties. The customized catering service and other extended serves are provided with the timely response to customers’ needs and exceeding customers’ expectation. We are aiming to be integrated with the specialty cuisine, intelligent management and social responsibility. Currently our daily performance is about 40000 sets of meals and is still growing.

We are the professional team of catering services.

Our service team comes from:

  • Domestic and overseas professional catering companies and local government canteens with rich professional industrial experiences.
  • Renowned multinational companies with extensive domestic and overseas working and studying experiences and knowing culture and customs diversities.

Our employees have:

  • Sufficient catering services experience and adequate training.
  • Annual renewed health certificates and relevant food safety training certificates.
  • Annual periodical training and examination on food safety, professional skills and other corresponding skills.
  • Relevant skills certificates and join various internal competition on skills, innovation and invention.
  • Daily self check, summary and necessary improvement.
  • Food Distribution Certificate

  • ISO22000 Certificate

  • ISO14001 Certificate

  • ISO18001 Certificate

  • The Most Potential Chain Star in 2018

  • Membership of Enterprises' Association of Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone

  • Membership of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

  • Membership of Shanghai Services Federation

  • Awards of Social Responsibility

  • Membership of Shanghai Cuisine Association

  • Franchise China Star 2018

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