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The catering industry, as the important part of the service industry, accounted for 6% of GDP of the total service industry. Authoritative data indicated that in 2013, fast food catering industry income would accounted for 60% of the total income of the catering market, is the vitally important industry connected to people's daily life with prosperous future development. HotSpot, as the catering services expert, strives to build the local fast-food industry brand. We warmly welcome all the people with passion and aspiration to join our family. Based on the modern enterprise system management, HotSpot provides outstanding talents with the fair development opportunity. Other than the social welfare and security, we also provides the career planning and training opportunities. As long as you can bear hardships and stand hard work, have the desire to do better, have the responsibility and team spirit, HotSpot commits to grant you a prosperous future. HotSpot treasures all the employees as the company's most important partners, but also the company's most valuable assets. Compared to the industry average staff turnover rate about more than 20% , our rate is less than 5%.

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Food court Project Manager / Director
Head of Central Kitchen
Heads of chef
Procurement specialist
Office and operation support staffs
Sales staffs
Pastry chefs
Canteen Service staffs

For the details of the jobs description and requirements, please kindly refer to the Chinese version. Thanks.
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If you are interested in our job offers, please kindly apply for the positions by either of the following ways:

  1. 1、Please send your CV to HR@hot-spot.com.cn
  2. 2、Please post your CV to "Room 516, Royaum Cites, 9300 Hunan Road, Pudong Shanghai, PRC, 201399".
  3. 3、You can visit our office for enrollment at "3F Royaum Cites, 9300 Hunan Road, Pudong Shanghai, PRC".

We will check the receipt and contact you timely. If there are no appropriate positions for you for the time being, we will well keep your CV till there's an opportunity. Thanks.

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