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Strategic Cooperation with RECOVERY PLUS, To Build the Nutrition Management System. [2019-8]

In August 2019, HotSpot and Recovery plus (the professional medical institution) established an important strategic partnership, in order to build a professional nutrition management system.

Positive ReviewsHas Been Receivedfor Food Festivals Held by HotSpot. [2019-8]

A 3-month Lobster Beer Food Festival is being held at HotSpotLujiazui Software Park Branch since June 2019 for a happy summer vocation. Vegetarian Food Festival has been held at HotSpot with the Buddha Tree veggie restaurant in June 2019 to present the vegetarian flavor.

Welcome WLSA! HotSpot Combines with WLSA Creating the New Canteen Function. [2019-6-25]

Students from World Leading Schools Association (WLSA) visited HotSpot Food Court in Shanghai WFC Lanhai International Plaza, making mini TED presentations while sharing every speakers’ experiences and stories.

HotSpot Food Court GuanGang Branch and Baosteel Group Staff Canteen etc. have been opened. [2019-7]

HotSpot Food Court Guangang Branch opened in June while threeBaosteel Group Staff Canteens opened in July and August, all of which are renovation canteens. After new decoration and renovation, customers satisfaction has been significantly improved.

HotSpot Corporate with SAIC SCS male version of "Swan Lake", providing special IP meal. [2019-7]

HotSpot, together with SAIC Shanghai Culture Square (SCC) make the market promotion of male version of "Swan Lake",providing the special lunch set, which attracted lots of customers taking photographs.

HotSpot’s Shanghai Food Festival has been awarded by clients. [2019-5-30]

In May 2019, some HotSpot Canteens held the Shanghai flavor Food Festival, in order to recall the taste of childhood with customers.

HotSpot Food Court in Shanghai WFC Lanhai International Plaza opened on May 20 [2019-5-20]

On May 20, 2019, HotSpot chic and lifestyle Food Court was opened on the B2 floor of Lanhai International Plaza, the sub-building of Shanghai World Financial Center.

HotSpot’s vision – Building the Quality Life for Human Beings on Earth! [2019-5-11]

On May 11, 2019, the first quarter meeting and team building activity of HotSpot was held successfully,and we set up the vision is ‘Building the Quality Life for Human Beings on Earth!’

Giant Interactive Group Inc. 2nd Floor Staff Canteen Ran by HotSpot had the Grand Opening [2019-4-8]

On April 8, 2019, the second floor of Giant staff canteen officially opened. We created three weeks about food cultural activities, contains Sichuan flavor, Anhui flavor and popular net-hot food like ‘large bowl of noodles’.

Congratulations on HotSpot winning the bid of SEMC [2019-2-1]

In Jan.2019, After the strict screening, HotSpot got the bid of canteen for Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center (SEMC). The new canteen will open at Feb.1st.

‘HotSpot 2019 Annual Party’ Held Perfectly [2019-1-21]

On Jan.21th, 2018, HotSpot held 2019 Annual Party, also, this is the 9thyear of HotSpot established. Mr. Xu, the CEO of HotSpot, published the lecture about how to make the catering company with Technology, Entertainment and Design. Close to the end, the excellent employees, suppliers, strategic brands and company’s partners were awarded for outstanding performance.

HotSpot was Awarded for Two Famous Prizes in 2018. [2019-1]

In Nov.2018 HotSpot was awarded ‘The Most Potential Chain Star in 2018’on Entrepreneur’s Franchise Ceremony. In Jan.2019 China Hotel Association awarded HotSpot as ‘Chinese Excellent Catering Enterprise’.

HotSpot’s Canteens Offered the Special food festival on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas [2018-12-25]

In Dec. 2018 most of HotSpot canteens offered special foodie festival on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, including turkey lunch set, gingerbread, and the activity of finding lucky dog who will get free lunches for the whole month.

The New HotSpot canteen, in Lu Jiazui Software Garden, had the Grand Opening. [2018-12-21]

On 21th Dec,2018,the canteen of Lu Jiazui Software Garden, operating by HotSpot was opened. Abundant dishes and cozy environment get the surrounding office workers’ praises.

Two Canteens of HotSpot Opened Together on Nov. [2018-11]

The HotSpot canteens of Shanghai B•LINK Park and Shanghai Fuyou Technology Park, opened in November 2018. Delicious food and cozy design attract lots of customers coming.

HotSpot as the Service Provider of National Innovation Entrepreneurship Week in Shanghai [2018-10-15]

As the only designated catering service provider of 2018 National Innovation Entrepreneurship Week in Shanghai branch venue, HotSpot provided lunch meals for thousands of guests successfully.

Sponsor to CHARISMA Partner’s Forum [2018-10-11]

In Oct. HotSpot sponsored CHARISMA Partner’s Forum, the demo of HotSpot AI tableware recognition system attracted the attention of many guests.

HotSpot Food Court in XuZhou Had Grand Opening [2018-10-8]

On October 8,2018,HotSpot food court opened in the Jin Long Lake Wisdom Valley at Xuzhou.4000 square meters of food court can accommodates 1800 people to eat at the same time.

Strategic Cooperation with Five Famous Food Retail Brands [2018-9-25]

On September 25th,2018,HotSpot signed the important strategic cooperation agreement with five famous catering retail brands.Five Strategic partners are Max salad,Beef`s Villa,You Ming Tang hotpot,Mei Zhuan roast meat,Xiang Yi Du Spicy pot.

Opening of Hot-spot Food Canteen in Golden Dragon Fish Building [2018-8-20]

On August 20, 2018, Hot-Spot opened its new food canteen in Golden Dragon Fish(‘GDF’) Building. The condiments and oil used for canteen’s food come from GDF. Also the canteen uses AI tableware recognition system and Hot-Fan smart card system, which improves the efficiency and convenience.

Gourmet Festival in August[ [2018-8]

In August 2018,HotSpot offered mushroom special food in many canteens.We also had a series of different online food for the Mid-Autumn Festival and the July 7th Festival,like Shangri-La’s matsutake,mooncake and so on.

HotSpot’s Headquarters Moved to the New Place. [2018-6-29]

On June 29th,2018, after several months’ designing and redecoration,HotSpot original office, where was in Nanhui Pudong, now all moved into the new office, which is located in Jinqiao VI-HUB.

Three New Canteens Opened: Shanghai BVLGARI Hotel’s Staff Canteen, China FortuneWisdom Mark Food Court, Innovation Galaxy Canteen [2018-7]

Recently, HotSpot had opened three new symbolic canteens, they are Shanghai BVLGARI Hotel’s Staff Canteen, China Fortune Wisdom Mark Food Court, Jing’an Innovation Galaxy Canteen.

Hotspot Signed the Important Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Five Famous Food Retail Companies, Upgraded the Experience of Canteen again. [2018-6-28]

On June 28th,2018, HotSpot signed the important strategic cooperation agreement with five famous catering retail companies, adding more luxuriant and delicious food to Hotspot canteen soon. Five Strategic partners are Zhouli Duck Soup, HK Yong xiang BBQ, IFresh Salad, Zhuyu hotpot, and Mianjiaotou Noodles.

HotSpotOffered the Special Hot Hamburger to Encourage People to Express Love on May 20th [2018-5-20]

On May 20th2018,HotSpot made the special lunch set, as hot hamburger in several canteens. HotSpot hopes we can make some difference to customers by interesting activities and delicious food.

HotSpot Made the First Step of E-commerce by Membership System. [2018-5]

In May 2018, HotSpot offered a series of E-commerce products to canteens’ members, including Shandong cherries cooperated with Jia Jia Yue Group, Fujian litchi from farmers, and the gift packages of Chinese traditional festival food. All the products are wildly popular by customers.

HotSpot signed the important strategic cooperation agreement with 5 famous cantering companies and the first VR cinema in China [2018-4-25]

On April 25, 2018, together with the first VR cinema, SHARE CINEMA,and 5 famous cantering companies including Jing Yue Rong, Juiceinn-fresh, Asiatic Food Hall, Sun Kau Kee and Esquires Coffee,HotSpot signed the important strategic cooperation agreements. KaiDianBangmade an exclusive interview on this event. In the future, HotSpot will cooperate with each strategic partner in order to offer the one-stop comprehensive service solution for catering and entertainment to HotSpot’s customers of office parks, communities, biz building and enterprises.

HotSpot and 51ZCDP.com signed the strategic cooperation agreement [2018-4-2]

On April 2, 2018, HotSpot and 51ZCDP.com signed the strategic cooperation agreement for the long-term’s strategic partnership to build a hundred cities plan for "Tasting thenew life, connecting the intelligent spots".

Hot Spot,as the New Species,Completed Several Millions Round A Financing [2018-3-30]

HotSpot, as the new species in the canteen industry, just completed several millions Round A financing in March, 2018. The leading shareholder for this round was well known on investing consumer brands, retailing chain stores, restaurants & catering and etc.. The old shareholder ANTS followed this cycle investment. SKILLNET was an exclusive financial advisor.

“HotSpot 2018 Annual Party” held Perfectly [2018-2-2]

February 2, 2018, in JinQiao Office Park HotSpot Food Court, we helod our HotSpot 2018 Annual Party, including all the managements and key employees, our stockholders, clients, peers and suppliers. The splendor of the annual party achieved to the high tide when the company’s partners, suppliers have been awarded. What’s more, the Business Department of HotSpot planned and implemented the whole annual party, HotSpot was ready for scheming the big meeting and offering the place and dinner for the customers.

HotSpot and SAIC Shanghai Culture Square Musical “Mozart-L'opera Rock” Created the First Canteen Card in Cantering Industry [2018-1-10]

HotSpot, cooperating with the SAIC Shanghai Culture Square again, created the firstcanteen cardwith the musical “Mozart-L'opera Rock” in cantering industry, These cards published limitedly, and sold out in 3 days.

We Introduced AI for Plate Recognition into the HOTSPOT FoodCourt [2018-1-1]

After one month of testing, HOTSPOT is now using AI plate recognition in production. The system recognizes more than 99.8% of all plates and calculates the total price in only 3 seconds per customer.

HOTSPOT Announcement: New Logo, New Version [2018-1-1]

HOTSPOT begins its new version and strategy with the new Logo from 2018.1.1.The graphic logo was designed from the three words “HOT”, it stands for “hotspot”“new trend” “high quality”. The historical logo took our version since the company incorporated, and now, he updated logo shows our future and attitude.

A Series of Interesting Activities Happened in HOTSPOT’s Canteens [2017-12-25]

Starting November, we executed a series of marketing activities, including the Thanksgiving Days Posting, Christmas Lunch Set, and “Midnight Dinner” for several official parks. We believe that we can make a difference for office workersby offering delicious food and interesting activities.

The Canteen of Ascendas Software Park in Dalian Had ItsGrand Opening [2017-12-15]

HOTSPOT, cooperating with Jason(China) Services Industries, started a food court in the Ascendas Software Park at Dalian. On December 15th, the senior director of Ascendas gave the opening speech and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony. This is the first time for HOTSPOT to output the manage mode and brand affection to other places.

HOTSPOT and SAIC Shanghai Culture SquareGot the Market Strategic Cooperation [2017-12-13]

HOTSPOT,cooperating with the SAIC Shanghai Culture Square, created a special small food store for the musical“Legally Blonde”, and offered HOTSPOT’s fans some free tickets. To be notified of similar events, follow the HOTSPOT We-Chat:gh_0ede7d3422da.

Grand Opening of Hot-spot Food Court in Xuhui [2017-9-20]

In September 2017, Hot-Spot opened its new food court in the Smallpox Information Technology Service Park in Shanghai's Xuhui district.On the first floor, we offer lots of different dishes, you can choose what you like. And on the second floor, there are eight different shops in ourfashionable food street, not only serveChinese dishes like beef noodles, hot pot, Cantonese BBQ, but also pizza and other Western specialties. Weare open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Entered the List of Best Cases of AMT’s Industry Internet [2017-9-6]

In September 2017,the concept and realization of our open software platform for catering companieswas selected as one of the best cases of AMT’s Industry Internet. AMT (Shanghai Qi Yuan Technology Co., Ltd.) is a leading organization in China for "Management + IT" consulting services.

Signing Ceremony for the Pudong Jinqiao Intelligent Park Construction [2017-8-19]

Hot-Spot, one of partners of the strategic cooperation of Pudong Jinqiao Intelligent Park construction, participated in the signing ceremony at the first session of the Jinqiao Intelligent Park Innovation Forum, and will continue to develop and build the Jinqiao Intelligent Park.

Multifunctional Activities at the Food Court [2017-8-12]

On August 12th, 2017, the Chinese TV series “Cry Me A Sad River” shot lots of scenes over two days at the Hot-Spot Food Court in Jinqiao Office Park. On August 25th, we organized a big party for the Carestream Company’s family day, providing a happy time for their employees and children. At our food court, we can arrange parties and receptions customized to your requirements.

Private Advisory Board at Lu Jiazui [2017-7-18]

In July 2017, PineTree Captital's private advisory board meeting was held in Lu Jia Zui. The founder of Hot Spot was invited to give a speech on the upgrading of consumption in catering industry, which in the meanwhile, she shared the innovation conception of Hot Spot.

TheEmployee’s Poetry Anthology“Yun Meng Ji” was Published [2017-6-11]

The company’s first generation of employees, Mr. Wang Jianyun, a talented poet, who is good at classic Chinese poem. The poetry also contains a series of poems of cate in Hot Spot. Some well-known polities and literatus and successful entrepreneurs participated in the grand potery conference.

Entering the First High-rise of Puxi, Sinar Mas Center [2017-6-8]

Hot Spot together with Yu Cheng Catering (also under Hot Spot Catering’s flag), created the new fashionable industry style staff canteen for the Sinar Mas Center, the highest building in Puxi, Shanghai. A new start at a new higher level.

Branching out from Shanghai, Cooperation with Jason Catering [2017-6-5]

In June 2017, the Company began to branch out of Shanghai, cooperating with the excellent local catering company, Jason (China) Services Industries, to enrich the products and services offered to the staff atAscendas Software Park in Dalian.

Upgrade of the Hot Spot Food Court [2017-5-1]

In May 2017, we finished the upgrade and redecoration of the canteen in the JinQiao Office Park. In the newly styled facilities we offer three meals per day, as well as buffets,snacks, Segafredo coffee, Family Mart, Ifresh Juice,and so on. Customers can use the Hot Spot &JinQiao co-branded card payment system,improving the efficiency and customer’s experience.

Completion of PreA Financing [2016-6-30]

In June 2016, the Company completed the PreA Financing of RMB several tens of millions mainly by Ants Capital who is the leading investor. The fund raised is to expand the catering business and create a modern upgraded catering mode of Food Court + Internet.

Brand Partnership with Segafredo Zanetti Espresso [2016-6-30]

In June 2016,the Company signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, the ranking No.1 coffee brand in Europe to jointly open the coffee shops in Chinese catering market.

Sponsor of Movie [2015-12-20]

Before the end of 2015, the Company sponsored the movie of which is reflecting the daily real life of white collars in Zhangjiang Tech Zone.

Miss Lettuce of The Buddha Tree Vegan Food Restaurant [2015-10-20]

On October 19, 2015, Miss Yiyi from The Buddha Tree Vegan Food Restaurant under HotSpot’s flag was invited by PETA ( “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” ) Asia to play Miss Lettuce to promote the concepts of vegetarian and health.

Brand Partnership with Emperor Burger [2015-9-30]

Since September 2015, as the brand partner of HotSpot, the Xi An cuisine “Emperor Burger” has stationed at HotSpot Food Court to serve more specialized delicious food for the customers in the enterprises and the business parks HotSpot services for and the food is very popular.

Cooperation with Origin Fresh [2015-6-30]

Since June 2015, HotSpot has started to cooperate with Origin Fresh to purchase the raw materials of food from Origin Fresh to gradually improve the food supply chain operation efficiency and reduce the food cost.

Opening of Upgraded Restaurants [2015-3-30]

Since January 2015, The Buddha Tree Vegan Food Restaurant, Jinqiao First Restaurant and HotSpot Food Court at Palm Plaza have been opened up one after another. These restaurants, as the upgraded version of the traditional canteens, provide a more plentiful dining experience for the working meals of mass consumers.

The Buddha Tree Restaurant [2014-12-24]

On 2014 X’mas Eve, Hui Zhi International Commercial Center had the grand opening where The Buddha Tree Vegetarian Restaurant (“BTVR”) under HotSpot Catering’s flag will be opened in next Jan.. BTVR has successfully held the Zhang Jiang Vegetarian Carnival, has sponsored the New Year themed Micro Film by Pink Lady Club and Michael Roach’s King Kong Business School courses. The delicious and healthy vegetarian food has become more and more popular choice.

Helping War Hero Veteran [2014-12-6]

In Dec. 2014, the Company Management visited the war hero veteran in Meizhou, Guang Dong Province and donated the fund to help them.

Visiting Dalian Software Parks [2014-11-26]

In Nov. 2014, the Company Management visited Dalian Software Parks’ Food Courts and studied the good experiences from peers.

Sponsoring Sports Meeting of Shanghai Pudong Software Park [2014-10-18]

In Oct. 2014, the Company sponsored the sports meeting of Shanghai Pudong Software Park.

Grand Opening of Palm Plaza [2014-10-10]

In Oct. 2014, Palm Plaza in Cao He Jing Park Songjiang had the grand opening where our Food Court will be opened in early next year. Our Food Court will bring the enhanced catering experience to customers.

Double Ninth Festival Event in Vanke [2014-10-2]

In the Double Ninth Festival of 2014, the Chinese traditional festival for elderly, as the catering vendor of Vanke Community Eldercare Center, the Company aligned with Vanke together to provide the free breakfast for the elderly in the community with loving heart.

Cooperation with South Memory [2014-9-29]

Since September 2014, allied with South Memory, the Company has been building a new generation of Food Court to upgrade the catering experience for office staffs in the biz parks.

Distribution of the Double Ninth Festival Cards [2014-9-29]

The Company distributed the free post cards of the Double Ninth Festival in some customers’ sites on 29 September, 2014. It has conveyed a traditional virtue of respecting and loving the old people.

Visit of Lingang and Qingpu [2014-5-28]

The Company Management visited Shanghai Lingang District and Qingpu District in Apr. and May 2014, respectively to study the Shanghai macro development strategy and the future position of services industry.

Sponsor of Tennis Match of Jinqiao Enterpises [2014-5-24]

In May 2014, the Company sponsored the Tennis Match of Jinqiao enterprises again in order to better the catering service level for Jinqiao enterprises.

Festivals of Food Delicacies [2014-2-14]

The Company often holds Festivals of Food Delicacies for customers on Valentine's Day, Lantern Day, Christmas Day and etc. and also offers the nutritious diet and other specific meals, which are warmly welcomed by customers.

Events of Shanghai Services Federation [2014-2-12]

As the member of Shanghai Services Federation (“Federation”), the Company joined the Member Certification Ceremony of the Federation and the New Year party in Feb. 2014, the Forum of Fresh Food Industry Supply Chain and Relevant Financial Services in Jan. 2014 and the Opening Ceremony of Services Alliance of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Test Zone in Dec. 2013.

Warmth from Home Banquet Package [2014-1-30]

2014 Home Banquet Package of Spring Festival has been welcomed by the market. The Package has not only conveyed the message of "Mom's Taste, Feeling of Home", but also has tried to help more people can feel the warmth of home since each RMB 2 from each Package sold has been donated to Shanghai Yangtze River Delta NGOs Development Center to develop the philanthropy.

Events of Philanthropy [2013-11-29]

During Sep. – Nov. 2013, the Company joined and supported various charity events, including the children's painting auction in Shanghai Children's Hospital, the Dialogue of Confucian of Entrepreneur hosted by Peking University, the Yangtze River Delta Cross-Border Cooperation Philanthropy Summit, Hong Foundation’s charity auction, Shanghai Charity Partners Day and so on.

Typhoon Day Care [2013-10-8]

On 8 Oct. 2013, Typhoon Feite severely hit Shanghai and it’s also the first working day after long National Day holidays, the Company delivered the free ginger decoction and honey cake to customers to show our warm caring.

NGO Seminar [2013-8-23]

In Aug. 2013, as the core member of Shanghai Yangtze River Delta NGOs Development Centre (“YRD”), the Company participated the 2013 First seminar among excellent NGOs and corporate CSR managers which was jointly organized by YRD and NGO Xintiandi .

Opening Ceremony of A-Reit Business Park [2013-6-1]

As the service vendor of A-Reit Business Park, the Company joined the opening ceremony of A-Reit Business Park on 1 Jun. 2013. Mr. Tharman, the Deputy Premier of Singapore and Mr. Shen Xiao Ming, the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai jointly opened the ceremony.

Sponsor of Tennis Match of Jin Qiao Enterprises’ Association [2013-5-25]

As the member of Jin Qiao Enterprises’ Association (“Association”), the Company sponsored the Tennis Match of the Association.

Appreciation Letter [2013-5-10]

Recently the Company had received more than a dozen of appreciation letter from our core customers. Most of our core customers had been contracted for 3 years and our service contracts renewing rate is above 95%.

Wood-Jade Bookmark [2013-5-8]

In May 2013, the Company made the mahogany jade bookmarks with the strong Chinese element as promotional gifts, delivering the values of the localization, inheritance, quality oriented and humanistic spirit.

Strategic Cooperation with Beverage Brands [2013-4-16]

Since Apr. 2013 the Company has established the integrated strategic cooperation with Coca-Cola and Red Bull in order to provide more variety of beverages such like yogurt, hot drinks, juice, soft drinks and functional drinks to customers with cheap price and better dining experience.

Sponsor of CEIBS Event “Innovate China” - HotSpot [2013-3-23]

On 23 Mar. 2013, the Company sponsored the event of Innovate China 2013 of China Europe International Business School (“CEIBS”) for a competition among global top business schools such like INSEAD, MIT Sloan and etc.. The Company Management had the nice conversation with Dr. Hellmut, the Dean of CEIBS, and said that HotSpot’s company philosophy is similar to CEIBS philosophy, which is “Being Rooted in China with Global Vision”.

On the Tip of Tongue – HotSpot [2013-2-6]

Since July 2012, the Company has started to run the weekly event of “On the Tip of Tongue – HotSpot” to the major customers to try to breakthrough the matter of catering industry of “Hard to please all people”. There’s a specific dish presented to customers weekly by introducing its taste, function, nutrition, legend, poet and other culture values. The customers are very interested and deliver the positive feedback on the event for the diversity and richness of both the food taste and its spiritual values.

HotSpot Annual Conference [2013-2-6]

The Company held the Annual Conference in the early of Feb. 2013. The officials of Shanghai Nanhui Industrial Zone were invited to the Conference and recognized HotSpot’s performance of 2012 and proposed the valuable comments for the Company’s future development. In the new year, the Company will continue to grow and build the brand step by step.

New Year Gift Package “Home Banquet [2013-1-31]

In Jan. 2013, the Company offered the new year gift package “Home Banquet” by using the organic raw materials with original cooking and packed by the customized HotSpot environment-friendly bag. The “Home Banquet” had been themed as “Fortunate Home Banquet, Green New Year.” and warmly welcomed by the market.

Appreciation Letter from Nestle [2013-1-15]

In Jan. 2013, the Company got the appreciation letter from Nestle who appreciates HotSpot’s canteen service during the past year. Nestle says that to some extent, our canteen service improves the work efficiency of Nestle staffs and they look forward to our further achievement in the new year.

Meeting of Enterprises’ Association of Shanghai Caohejing High Tech Park Songjiang Branch [2012-12-27]

The Company joined the meeting of Enterprises’ Association of Shanghai Caohejing High Tech Park Songjiang Branch on 27 Dec., 2012. The officials of the Park made the speech on 2012 work summary and 2013 work planning. As a member of the Park, we will try to do the best catering service to the Park

Awards of Social Responsibility Contribution [2012-12-25]

The Company was honored by the 2012 Awards of Social Responsibility Contribution of Shanghai Nanhui Industrial Zone, which is the 2nd time that the Company obtains the awards. As the biggest catering service provider in Nanhui Industrial Zone, the Company has improved the local people’s food experience by providing the variety of the food. On the other hand of the social responsibility the Company delivered in 2012, we attended the various social activities such like Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition, Typhoon Rescue, Shanghai Science Popularization Day and so on.

New Staff Uniform [2012-11-1]

Since Nov. 2012, our staffs have put on the new uniforms of HotSpot Green. The HotSpot Green symbolizes the Fresh, Environment Friendly, Sustainable Business and World Peace.

Shanghai Science Popularization Day [2012-9-21]

On 21 Sep. 2012, Shanghai Science Popularization Day, Jin Qiao Export and Processing Zone launched a themed event of “Food Safety and Public Health”. As a co-organizer, HotSpot made a vivid contest regarding the knowledge of food safety among 50 enterprises’ participants.

Deloitte Salon [2012-9-14]

On 14 Sep. 2012, we were invited to join Deloitte Chain Restaurant Industry Salon and the release of report “A New Consolidation Stage of China Chain Restaurant Industry”. It has been a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and information with catering peers and relevant authorities and enhance our insights on the catering industry.

Typhoon Rescue [2012-8-8]

On 8 Aug. 2012 Shanghai experienced a severe typhoon " Hai Kui ", so Nanhui Government arranged the temporary settlements for victims. Upon receipt of the instruction from the local Food and Drug Supervision Bureau, the Company took the action immediately within two hours with the strong leadership of Chief Chef and delivered the hot food timely to the designated site. This rescue action fully honed and reflected the company's team cooperation spirit and the strain capacity.

Appreciation Letter from Baosight [2012-8-1]

The Company received the Appreciation Letter from Shanghai Baosight Software Co., Ltd. on 1 Aug. 2012. The Company has provided the one stop solution to Baosight including the planning and reconstruction of the canteen from the very beginning and the on site catering service. The satisfaction rate from Baosight’s staffs shows very high.

Staff Rotation [2012-7-24]

Starting from 24 Jul. 2012, all the office staffs of the Company have joined the staff rotation plan to the front line jobs including cutting food, steaming rice, packaging, transporting and distributing finished goods, cleaning and other key operation processes. The major purposes of the rotation is to well understand the jobs and difficulties of the front line in order to better the mutual cooperation and service among the internal divisions, to find the potential or substantial issues and then raise the constructive proposals for the front line, and to improve the integrated skills of the office staffs.

HotSpot Report on «The Bund» [2012-7-12]

«The Bund», the famous fashion magazine in Shanghai reported the event of HotSpot’s participation on Shanghai International Science and Arts Exhibition to reinforce the co-creation model of the Company.

Reading Club [2012-6-8]

The Company establishes the Reading Club for managements. During the weekly Management Meeting, the managers share the reading experience and inspiration and discuss how to well implement the theory into the work practice. The first book for study was the famous Japanese Entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori's masterpiece «Living Law».

Emergency Drill [2012-5-22]

On 22 May, 2012, the Company performed the emergency drill of the food poisoning and the stop on electricity, gas and water supply. The local officials as observers offered the precious opinions and proposals to the drill. As the catering company, the food hygiene and safety operation is always the first priority, we need to pay the constant attention and strengthen the training. This exercise is not only to strengthen our safety consciousness, but also to enhance the company's cohesion.

Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition [2012-5-20]

From 17 to 20 May, 2012, the Company participated Shanghai International Science and Art Exhibition in Shanghai Exhibition Center. We well presented the concept of science and art's perfect combination as well as the specific and efficient win-win biz model of cooperation with the local government. In addition, Red Bull, the well-known beverage brand sponsored our booth energetically. Our theme of "Food Class" of the show had been well recognized by the organizer of the exhibition and many visitors including the city level government and finally had won the awards of "Excellence of Organization" by the organizer.

Company Director's Expedition to Quanzhou with the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce of Quanzhou [2012-4-2]

From 29 Mar. to 2 Apr. , 2012, the Company Director, together with Shanghai Chamber of Commerce of Quanzhou, visited Quanzhou in response to Quanzhou Government's calling on the second start-up of the new investment in Quanzhou. Premier Wen Jiabao, Governor of Fujian Province Su Shulin, Party Secretary of Quanzhou Xu Gang and Mayor of Quanzhou Huang Shaoping extended the big warm welcome and made important speeches to the visit.

Meeting of Enterprises' Association of Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone [2012-4-12]

The Company joined the meeting of Enterprises' Association of Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone on 7 Mar., 22 Mar. and 12 Apr. 2012, respectively for the subjects of 2011 work summary, 2012 prospection and plan and study of subsidy policy for middle and small scale enterprises.

Founding Ceremony Nanhui Branch of Enterprises' Association of Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone [2012-2-23]

As the Vice-Chairman of Nanhui Branch of Enterprises' Association of Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone ("NH EA"), the Company joined the founding ceremony of NH EA and accepted the awards from the heads of Jinqiao and Nanhui Government on 23 Feb. 2012.

Roses of Valentine's Day [2012-2-14]

On 14 Feb. 2012, the Company laid out roses in the customers' canteen sites to bring the happiness of Valentine's Day to customers. The cups for putting roses were marked with "You are always on my mind, please plant me into your heart. Happy Valentine's Day!".

Celebration of Dragon Year - 2011 Company Annual Conference [2012-1-16]

The Company held the Celebration of Dragon Year-2011 Company Annual Conference together with the 2 anniversary of the Central Kitchen. The officials of Nanhui Industrial Zone joined the conference, recognized the performance of the Company for 2011 and proposed valuable comments for the Company's future development.

Spring Festival Gift Package "Home Banquet" Warmly Welcomed by the Market [2011-1-1]

The Spring Festival Gift Packages "Home Banquet" made by the Company had been warmly welcomed by the market in Jan. 2012.

"World White Ceramic Mother" – Dragon Cup by Dehua County as Promotion Gift [2012-1-1]

On 1 Jan. 2012, the Company made the tailor-made "World White Ceramic Mother" – Dragon Cup by Dehua County as the promotion gifts for the auspicious Year of Dragon.

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